English as a Second Language

We offer an excellent English as a Second Language program. We've designed this program to give extra language support to entering ninth and 10th graders or to study abroad students who want to improve their English language skills while experiencing life in the U.S.

English Proficiency

Our director and faculty members teach three levels of the English as a Second Language program. We will determine the student's placement level based on their English proficiency test.

Accepted Proficiency Exams

All prospective international and study abroad students must submit an English proficiency exam for admission consideration. We accept the following English proficiency exams:

English as a Second Language Level Placement

We determine your English as a Second Language level by your grade and exam results. At mid-semester, the director evaluates students and may move them into mainstream courses.

Freshman Placement

Freshman (9th)TOEFL iBT®TOEFL Junior ®IELTSDuolingoCEFR
Level 145–55730–7804.0–4.560–75B1
Level 256–61785–840576–90B2
Level 362–72845–9005.591–100B2
No English as a Second Language73–aboveN/A6.0–above101–aboveC1

Sophomore Placement

Sophomore (10th)TOEFL iBT®TOEFL Junior®IELTSDuolingoCEFR
Level 150–55750–780576–90NA
Level 256–61785–8405.591–100B2
Level 362–78845–9006101–115B2
No English as a Second Language79–aboveN/A6.5– above116– aboveC1

Junior Placement

Junior (11th)TOEFL iBT®TOEFL Junior®IELTSDuolingoCEFR
Level 375–86N/A6.5116–125B2
No English as a Second Language87–aboveN/A7.0–above126–aboveC1

Juniors must have a higher level of English to complete all diploma requirements in two years. Students applying for 11th grade must meet Level 3 minimum requirements. 

We require study abroad students to submit an English proficiency exam. Your courses will include a combination of English as a Second Language and mainstream classes. Students who study abroad their senior year (12th grade) may not enroll in English as a Second Language courses and must have a high English proficiency level.

Sample Course Outline for Level 1 English as a Second Language Student

  • English Speaking/Writing
  • English Reading/Vocabulary
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Introduction to Social Studies
  • Old and New Testament or Introduction to Catholicism
  • Mathematics 
  • Art, Film, P.E., Health, or other Elective
  • Individual Learning Time (study hall)